I asked Tommy Wiseau a question neither of us were qualified to answer

so first off if you don't know who tommy wiseau is then this isn't going to be funny or interesting.

also know that if you don't know who tommy wiseau is, you're not really particularly missing out. I'm not going to go into detail about him, but anyway, for the context of this post I want that disclaimer.

tommy was showing The Room and people in the theatre were throwing spoons and shit at the screen. It was like Rocky Horror, except the joke was about 7 years old and the guy we were mocking was the person who was presenting it to us.

the energy was weird and it started with a Q/A fan service line. people were dressed up for the show (which was in Royal Oak if that matters I don't know) and as characters from the show. anyway there was a line to hold a microphone and ask the man/myth/legend a question.

most people would play a joke off of the terrible lines from The Room. but again it was weird because i'm not sure if tommy is totally in on the joke or just accepting the mountain of cash his disaster of a movie might be generating. not knowing what sort of person he was but still wanting to have fun at his expense, I asked him about the then current conflict in gaza (2014), which was suggested by a friend.

the energy was weird, people kept chanting USA the whole screening, the sound only worked up front, people didnt shut up during the flower scene, we didnt have enough spoons, but it was fun.